Fire Emblem Heroes Hack – How to Get Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Hack


Hello dear readers, today I will be showing you a way to hack orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes for free. Our tutorial is very easy to follow and doesn’t require you to download anything or having rooted phone/device. First we will start by explaining what orbs are. Orbs are in-game currency which you can purchase with real-life money that grant’s additional options or easier gaming experience within Fire Emblem Heroes. As such we consider that to be unfair because not everybody has equal footing in life so we made this Fire Emblem Heroes Hack that can change amount of orbs without purchasing it. All you have to do is follow steps that we wrote below and enjoy free gaming.

Fire Emblem Heroes

How to Get Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes


Step 1. Open our Fire Emblem Heroes Hack within your mobile phone browser:

Step 2. Type in your Fire Emblem Heroes Username, choose your Operating system(Android or iOS) and click green button that says “Connect to account”

Step 3. After account is connected you will be prompted to choose amount of orbs, after you chosen the amount click “Generate”






Fire Emblem Heroes OThis is our personal Fire Emblem Hack Tool that we are willingly sharing with community because we were in same situation as you were. With it as picture shows we were able to generate 800,000 Orbs completely free!

We were same as you searching all over internet for working Fire Emblem Heroes Hack but all we found was a big nothing. Then we decided to ask our colleague who is programmer for our website if it was possible to make hack that would change some values around and if  he is willing to do it for community at which he replied in joking matter “It’s possible if we circumvent server-side stuff”.  That’s brief explanation on how this tool was realized. All we are asking you guys that you don’t abuse tool too much so that Nintendo doesn’t make a patch for it or find’s out a way to fix it. Everyone deserves their chance at a getting free orbs as much as you do.

Also as a side not if you have any suggestions, problems with using it or any other questions don’t hesitate to leave me a comment down below, I check every comment and will gladly help you out. Thank you for reading.


Simcity Buildit Hack – How to Get Free Simcash and Simoleons

Only hack you’ll ever need for SimCity Buildit


Simcity Buildit



Hey, in this article we’ll be explainin you what The Sims Freeplay really is and and how you can get free advantage without really paying for it. Let’s start with explaining that Sims Freeplay in the nutshell really isn’t “Free” but is called that way to sound more appealing to the people, real name of their pay-model is called “Freemium” because some features are free by default but for additional stuff you need pay, you can also call this model Pay-to-win. We know how frustrating it can be when your richer friend has huge city in game or better and prettier city then you that’s why we made SimsCity Buildit Hack.  There are so many of websites offering SimCity BuilditHack and even we tried couple of them but most of them don’t seem to work or if they do they ain’t offering it for free. We tried to search for keyword “SimCity Buildit Hack” and we been given thousands if not hundreds of thousands of results we tried testing first ten page search results and none of them really gave what they claimed to offer. But don’t worry because you found our page and we keep our promises. 😉

What is DailySE?

We are group of mobile gaming enthusiasts that is dedicated in making mobile gaming tutorials, cheats and tricks to ease consumers with gaming. Our newest hack is for game called “SimCity Buildit” made by EA (Electronic Arts) in which player controls, improves and maintains a city within which virtual citizens live. Inside the SimCity Buildit there are various in-game currencies which give you upgrades or improvements to city such these currencies are called Simoleons, SimCash and Golden Keys.  Some of them can be obtained through notoriously boring grinding in which you can spend hours upon hours to finaly get some lousy upgrade which you could instead bought with real money as such most of upgrades can be speed up with purchasing in-game currency such as SimCash or Golden keys. This is where our SimCity Buildit Hack Tool comes into play, we managed through exploitation of game code to find a way to change server side Simoleons, SimCash and Golden Keys on your account and now we are offering this to our readers completly FREE!

Check out our city: 

SimCity Buildit city

How does it work?

As said before we managed to find glitch inside side of the game code and make a website script where you can enter any username of your SimCity Buildit account that can change Simoleons or SimCash without rooting your iOS or Android phone/tablet or having to download unnecessary apk’s. You can start hacking SimCity Buildit right now!

How do I Hack SimCity Buildit?

Step 1. Go to SimCity Buildit Hack ToolSimoleons Simcash Golden Keys
Step 2. Enter Account Username which you would like to edit in-game stats
Step 3. Choose amount of Simoleons, SimCash or Golden Keys
Step 3. Open SimCity Buildit and Enjoy!

Also if you found this tutorial helpful check out more tips and tricks for Simcity Buildit.

Please try to not abuse our tool because we would like more players to enjoy free gaming experience. If you have any questions or have a game for which you would like to cheat or edit resources on it then don’t forget to leave us a comment down below and we might just approve your idea if we like it. 


Dragon City Cheats – Unlimited Free Gems

Dragon City Hack 2017 – Unlimited Free Gems Gold

Dragon City Hack

Hey, did you always wanted to hack dragon city but cannot find working dragon city hack tool? Well this tutorial is then for you. Today we will be showing you how to get unlimited gems with our Dragon city Hack Tool. Our hack tool was designed by Daily SE Community. You can get 99999 gems or gold with Dragon City Generator. Our Dragon City Hack 2016 is AES-128 encrypted and completly secure and completely ban safe. So what are you waiting for start generating your dragon city gems and gold now!

Dragon City Hack

Our Dragon City Generator is totally user-friendly and optimized for user satisfaction. We must note that this Dragon City cheat might not last forever so please bear that in mind. Second thing at this time we limited amount how much can be generated within one session at 150000 Gems and 100000 Gold Dragon City.


  • Dragon City Hack Tool capable of generating unlimited dragon city gold gems within couple of seconds
  • Completly Secure fully encrypted with AES-128
  • Ban-proof
  • No root required or cydia
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • FREE!

Dragon City Hack Gems